Week 17: Ravens should not look ahead

The Baltimore Ravens end their regular season this Sunday at 4:25 (Thanks NFL) with a home game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

This week a lot of reporters, fans, and analysts have been doing different playoffs scenarios involving the Ravens. Most of them have the Ravens playing the Chiefs in a 4-5 seed matchup. But after last week’s scare against the Indianapolis Colts, I am very hesitant to talk as if the Ravens already have the playoff spot secure. Even though the Bengals haven’t performed well this season and are eliminated from playoff contention, they are not going to roll over for the Ravens. Just ask the Lions who the Bengals played spoiler for last Sunday.

The Ravens did shut out the Bengals in week 1. But they still have AJ Green at receiver which is enough to scare me, seeing as how every number 1 receiver the Ravens have faced in the past 5 weeks outside of Josh Gordon has went over 100 yards. He’s broken our heart enough in the past and I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to doing it now. I know we do have backup plans if we do lose but lets take a closer look at those backups. If the Ravens lose, they can still get in if the Bills lose against the Dolphins OR if the Titans lose against the Jags. I am not counting on Jay Cutler to have my back so I don’t trust the Dolphins to beat Buffalo. The Jags already have the number three seed locked up and have injuries so they won’t be at full strength against the Titans.

Those two games can easily go wrong for the Ravens so I think we should be locked in and treat this week’s game like a playoff game. Or trust Jay Cutler the choice is yours.

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