We Could All Learn From Navy’s Kicker Bennett Moehring

From being, a two-sport student athlete and now a college coach I have learned the necessity of mentality and how strong these young athletes need to be mentally


If you are a MD Sports Blog follower and a young athlete or have kids that are athletes please show them this quote from Bennett Moehring the kicker at Navy.


It felt good. Obviously, conditions weren’t great. I made good contact with the ball. I always tell myself just make good contact and the rest will take care of itself. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And I mean… I know who has me in life. God gives us his toughest struggles to his toughest warriors. You know, Ill use this as a learning opportunity and get better. That’s the only option that I have from there. So I’m sorry to all the seniors. Sorry to the team. Sorry to Coach Niumatalolo. Its just really tough. Its really tough. I mean, I wake up every day and I thank the lord for giving me the ability to play football in the first place. You know, I dream of times like this. Unfortunately, it just went the wrong way today. Ill use this as motivation. Ill get better. It’s the only option.”


Now for those of you who do not know the importance of the Army Navy game, it is their super bowl the most important game of the year. This is what the academies look for it is Americas Game.


Moehring could have put his head down and not talked, could have mentally just quit and let this effect him but he did not. Bennett owned up to his mistake and he will be ready for his next game winner and as a coach I would be 100% confident the football would be right down the middle from 48 yards out.


This quote right here shows everyone how strong Coach Ken Niumatalolo has his players mentally. When it comes to athletes they will fail and they will fail over and over again. It is the ones who never give up and are working those hours when the average athlete is sleeping or on their couch that we will remember.


Moehring is probably in Annapolis at the Naval Academy working on his craft this morning and knocking down 50 plus yarders for that next opportunity that will come, because it will Navy is not going away from him. They will give him that opportunity and he will knock it down just as he had numerous amounts of time in his career.


So, for all young athletes out there do not quit after countless failures. Just get out there and work harder and use it as a building block to success. Do not let failures bog you down, push through them and turn them into motivation. You have to be positive and turn negative memories into your next great memory.

Zig Zeger

Assistant baseball coach @ Chesapeake College Former collegiate Golfer/ Baseball Player Follow me on Twitter @ Coach_Zig_Zeger

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