Watch: Orioles celebrate by dumping out domestic beer, the way it should be

The Baltimore Orioles won their first series of the season against the New York Yankees during opening weekend. On Saturday, the Orioles beat the Yankees and manager Brandon Hyde earned his first win as a Major League Baseball manager.

The Orioles celebrated by giving him a “beer” bath. The Orioles threw out cheap domestic beers all over Hyde, the beers mainly included Bud Light, but I also saw a Miller Lite and what I think was a Shock Top.

The Orioles dumped a lot of Bud Light on Hyde, which I am sure is better than actually drinking the cheap excuse for beer. Bud Light is on several “worst beer lists,” including this list from RateBeer. Bud Light is ranked as the 15th worst beer in the world, so the Orioles did right dumping it out all over Hyde instead of drinking it.

Bud Light is literally just a Budweiser with more water. Budweiser itself is extremely hard to drink.

Hopefully the next time the Orioles have a big moment, they can dump out Yuengling and Steel Reserve as well.

Good job Orioles, good job!

Brian Hradsky

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