Watch: Lamar Jackson posts video, breaking laws

Baltimore Ravens quarterback is catching some heat tonight after he posted on Instagram a video of himself going 105 miles and hour. Jackson was not only speeding but also on his phone recording it. Jackson also was not wearing a seat belt.

The Ravens have had a very busy day today signing safety Earl Thomas and running back Mark Ingram. The Ravens surely did not plan on having a late night worrying about Jackson.

Jackson recently posted an apology on his Twitter account.

Here is the apology.

On a day the Ravens released a tribute to Joe Flacco, it is a reminder that Flacco not once ever had any issues off the field. Flacco set one of the best examples on how to represent himself and the Ravens organization.

Jackson’s actions were extremely dangerous but have yet to lead to any charges. Hopefully Jackson drives safely going forward. Lucky for him and everyone around no one was hurt.

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