Washington Wizards Outpace the Indiana Pacers 111-102

The Pacers were without Victor Oladipo for this game so I knew we were in for a win.  They are 0/6 without him.  Lance ‘Born Ready’ Stephenson is one of my favourite Pacers of all time so I was still excited to see how this played out.  I haven’t heard much about the Pacers this season except for Stephenson and Oladipo; I even forgot that All Jefferson still plays there!

The Wizards are without John Wall for the foreseeable future so we’ll continue to see what Tomas Satoransky has in store for us.  He’s played pretty well so far, though I did miss 2 of the games.

Not certain if Washington is going to be active at the trade deadline, but we’re likely to see men 2-15 just in case.



We’re off that.  Rather, I’m off that.  My colleague always covers them with the previews and it’s become tedious as I prefer to stick to eye stats and opinions.  I’ll still cover them broadly, but for detailed stats, check the previews for the next upcoming game. Bradley Beal All-Star coverage is suffering for stats, and Big Panda deserves better.

For the Washington Wizards, Bradley Beal led all scorers with 21 points, Markieff Morris had 10 rebounds.  Bojan Bogdonavic led the Pacers with 29 points and Born Ready had 6 rebounds and 6 assists.



The Wizards made the 1st bucket and maintained an early lead except for 2 1 point leads in the 2nd quarter.  Early on it looked like it was going to be a blowout.  The 1st quarter ended at 28-23, but it seemed like a far greater lead.

By the 2nd quarter the Pacers had picked up the pace and closed the lead until about mid way through the half.  But by the end of the 2nd the Wizards led 58-49.  The Pacers really need Victor Oladipo, he’s a good fit there and the team doesn’t flow quite as well without him.  Bad for them, great for us!  Young looked good for the Pacers, half way into the 3rd he had 4 3s.

The Wizards were sharing the ball and defending.  I didn’t notice as many turnovers this game as we’ve seen previously and that’s probably why we were up 86-74 at the end of the 3rd.  Porter looked better than he had last week, and Oubre continues to look good.  Some of the deeper bench players got some burn and our team looks good overall.

Stephenson had a really nice bounce pass in the 4th.  I wasn’t watching as keenly by that time, the game was pretty much in the bag.  We won 111-102.

Next Up:  vs. Philadelphia 76ers

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