Washington Wizards Lose War With Warriors, 109-101

I missed almost the whole first period of the game so when I tuned in during the second, of which the Wizards outscored the Warriors 35-22, I was already envisioning Washington’s Championship parade.

Washington Wizards Game Statistics Leaders: Porter 29 Points; Beal 5 Assists; Porter 10 Rebounds.
Golden State Warriors Game Statistics Leaders: Durant 32 Points; Green 11 Assists; Iguodola 7 Rebounds.

The first period apparently started off poorly for the Wizards. By the second they were outscoring the Warriors and the future looked bright. The future still looks bright, just not AS bright. I don’t think anyone can question that the Warriors are a team full of basketball superstars. At this point Cleveland just looks like a regular contender for the Finals. If the Warriors were a car garage it’d be Jay Leno’s; Aston Martin here, vintage Corvette over there.

That the Wizards were able to overcome the outscoring in the first, come back with a high scoring second quarter of their own, and keep the game relatively close for the remainder speaks to the fact that the Wizards can effectively play any top team. That we didn’t have John Wall wasn’t detrimental to us, it was that Klay Thompson was almost able to contain Bradley Beal who realistically, along With Otto Porter, comprise our other major producers. Porter really stepped up and it’s not like everyone else wasn’t, it really just seemed like the Warriors knew our players better than we knew them.

We can tolerate the loss of one star player, but not 2. I think this also speaks to how much work Beal is really doing. If the Wizards are serious about making it further into the playoffs, they really need to focus on film. The franchise needs to hire another film assistant if necessary to cater required film for each player. The Wizards need to know their opposition better than themselves.

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