Washington Wizards Fall 108-98 to the Toronto Raptors in Game 5

Game 5 of the series between the Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards went pretty much as can be expected. They lost 98-108. There’s a reason every team generally tries to get home advantage. A team is likely to win home games and lose those on the road. So far this has borne out to be true.

Points: Wall – 26
Assists: Wall – 9
Rebounds: Gortat – 12

The Raptors took an early lead, but the game stayed pretty even until the Raptors started to pull away in the 4th.

The team has looked better than I thought it might with John Wall only having returned a few weeks prior to the end of the regular season. I think that’s evidence of how well in fact he actually does read his teammates, and that they are also cognizant of him and how he plays. Some teams when their star has an injury, there is trouble seamlessly fitting them back into the rotation. That has not been the case with the Wizards.

Ty Lawson, a native of the D.M.V., has been a good pick up for the playoffs. Marcin Gortat has been scooping up those rebounds and offering second chance points. So far, despite the loss, no one seems to be failing in their role. Toronto was the 1st seed, and Washington has been able to keep pace with them.

The Wizards lowkey physically manhandling the Raptors brings me nothing but joy. Watching Kelly Oubre Jr. get under the skin of Kyle Lowry brings joy to the cockles of my cold black heart, and I like Kyle Lowry. The Raptors constant whining to the refs does nothing for them, and they’ve failed to realize that yet.

It sometimes seems like there is not consistent effort from all players, on all plays. Whether that’s physical or mental fatigue, or issues with coaching remains to be seen. I can imagine that the bad weather in Toronto threw the Wizards for a bit of a loop and it can take a while to get back into one’s routine.

We lost by 10, 98-108. While this was to be expected, we really don’t know how game 7 is going to play out. Will the Wizards be able to close out a game 7 in Toronto? A higher power has already smote Toronto with an ice storm, power outages, leaking arenas, crimes against beer and other during this series. I feel this power MIGHT be on our side.

Points: DeRozan – 32
Assists: Lowry – 10
Rebounds: Valanciunas – 13

In the interest of full disclosure, I CANNOT stand the Toronto Raptors organization. There was a time that I was a fan, but much like how former Raptors players, dating back to the 90s, have nothing good to say about the organization, neither do I. I don’t take issues with the players, but the organization, management, some of their ownership; just trash.* Having stated that, take anything I say against the Raptors with a grain of salt, I am clearly biased.

The Toronto Raptors now lead the series 3-2.

Toronto is unlikely to win the next game which is in D.C. Friday.April.27 @ 7p.m. EST.

*My opinions are my own and not a reflection of Maryland Sports Blog.

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