Washington Commanders vs Green Bay Packers Week 7 Preview

The Commanders will have Taylor Heinicke starting at quarterback this week and for at-least the next four games. This is because Carson Wentz fractured his finger against the bears and will be out a minimum of four weeks. Honestly I thought they needed to make a change at quarterback anyway, so the injury forced them to do so. I expect the offense to look better with Heinicke because he will check the ball down and has more mobility than Wentz. If the Commanders win on Sunday it will be from running the ball well and Heinicke taking what the defense gives him.


The last month the offense has looked pretty bad for the most part. The offense did have some big plays in the Titans game, but the rest of the drives that game were pretty bad. I think having Heinicke starting for the next month is the best move for the Commanders. The main reason being Heinicke’s ability to run. Heinicke’s mobility will allow him to avoid pressure and make a positive play even if it’s just a few yards. This will also allow the offense to stay on schedule and be in third and manageable situations.

I expect to see Brian Robinson run the ball a lot on Sunday. Expect him to carry the ball 20 plus times because the Packers give up 4.9 yards per carry. I also expect Terry McLaurin to get the ball more with Heinicke playing. The reason for that is because Heinicke is the most familiar with McLaurin. Since Samuel was hurt last year and Dotson wasn’t on the team Heinicke probably doesn’t have chemistry with them yet.


The defense had too many mistakes last week. It started with bad tackling that lead to a big runs from the Bears. They also had two too many men of the field penalties and a play were they only had 10 on the field last week. If they have these same issues against the Packers Aaron Rodgers will make the pay. The best way to stop Aaron Rodgers this week is to get pressure on him like the defense did last week against the Bears. Also they will need to tackle better this week because AJ Dillion and Aaron Jones are strong runners. The Commanders will also be without William Jackson, which means St. Juste will start at corner and Wildgoose will be in the slot. I expect Rodgers to go after Wildgoose all game and make Wildgoose prove himself.



WR: Dyami Brown is out with a Groin injury

CB: William Jackson is out with a Back injury

TE: Logan Thomas is out with a Calf injury

QB: Carson Wentz is out with a fractured finger

RB: Jonathan Williams is out with a Knee injury

TE: John Bates is questionable with a Hamstring

WR: Jahan Dotson is questionable with a Hamstring

RT: Sam Cosmi is questionable with a Finger


WR: Randall Cobb is out with a Ankle injury

C/G: Jake Hanson is out with a Bicep injury

WR: Christian Watson is out with a Hamstring injury.


I do believe the Commanders offense will play better this week, but I don’t think it will be good enough to win. Aaron Rodgers should kill this secondary and I think he will catch the Commanders with too many men on the field a few times. Also I believe the tackling issues from last week will carry over to this game especially against AJ Dillion. I believe the Packers will win 24-17 and the Commanders will fall to 2-5.

Lines from BetUS

Commanders +4.5

Over/Under 41.5

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