Washington Capitals Lose to Montreal Canadians 6-4

The Washington Capitals have lost to the Montreal Canadians in Montreal tonight 6-4 in a great game.

Washington lost arguably one of the best teams in the NHL in a 6-4 game. The Capitals played hard all game, but fell short due to a goal from Montreal Canadians forward Max Domi giving the Canadians a 5-4 lead with 20 seconds remaining.

The goal was controversial due to the fact that Alex Ovechkin was slashed in the hand by Max Domi causing Ovechkin to lose control of the puck while in Montreal’s defensive zone, but the referees refused to make a call. Domi after slashing Ovechkin skates down the ice and puts the puck past Holtby’s glove to give Montreal the lead and then win while scoring an empty net goal.

Overall the Capitals looked great against a young well skilled Canadians team. The first line looked great, and despite giving up five goals Holtby was great in net.

Lars Eller, and Alex Ovechkin each scored two goals tonight, and the only goal scorers tonight. Braden Holtby was great stopping 38 shots on 43 shots, and made a lot of acrobatic saves to keep them in the game.

It was a bad night officiating wise tonight while the Capitals only had one power play chance tonight, and the refs had two offsetting penalties tonight that where bad calls and a lot of other calls weren’t called going to Montreal’s favor.

It was a bad lost, but it’s still a long season a head still. The Capitals will shake this loss off and move forward to another great season.

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