Washington Capitals beat Montreal Canadians 6-4

The Washington Capitals picked up another two points defeating the Montreal Canadians 6-4 in Montreal. After a high scoring game the Capitals came out on top getting a big two points to hold onto there home ice advantage for the post-season.

The Capitals got off to a rough start making some bad defensive turnovers in the first period. One turnover lead to a Montreal goal that gave them a 1-0 lead. Moments later Evgeny Kuznetsov scored a big goal to tie up game. This was his first goal since being injured last week.

Later the Capitals dominated rest of the period for the Capitals. Tom Wilson later scored two goals to make it a 3-1 game. Nicklas Backstrom also had three assist that period for his 23 three assist night.

The Capitals came out strong in the second period after Jay Beagle scores his seventh goal of the season. Later the Canadians started to make a comeback after a Carter Hudon power play goal making it 4-2 game after the second period.

The Capitals started the period off strong and brought a lot of pressure to super-star goalie Carry Price. Kuznetsov got his second of the night, and moments later TJ Oshie scores a tip in goal to make it 6-2. Later the Capitals let in two goals while short handed to give the Capitals a 6-4 lead, but the Capitals held in and got a gritty win.

The biggest takeaway from this game was the passing ability the Capitals had, and how good Nicklas Backstrom is. Backstrom has a four assist night. The top line produced very well with two goal nights from Wilson and Kuznetsov.

Grubauer had an ok game stopping 17 shots on 21, but nights when a goalie doesn’t see a lot of shots are sometimes the hardest games to play because a goalie gets cold standing doing nothing. Overall the effort and skill the Capitals showed looked like a team that can go far into the playoffs

Next game is Monday when the Capitals start a home and home series with the New York Rangers.

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