Wall getting closer to returning

John Wall spoke to media today for the first time in months. While he has gone through two full contact practices in the past few days ago he still does not know when he will practice. Though there is a strong chance he does play this week. It’s not clear if he will have a minute’s restriction when he comes back, but we can be sure he will not be playing back to backs.

An interesting thing to note is that John has lost 15 pounds since having surgery. Now before you freak out, this may be a good thing. Having less weight will put less pressure on that right knee that he had surgery on, and athletes can change their weight quickly.

One thing for sure, is that his mind is in the right place, Coach Brooks was quoted saying “It’s getting close. He’s had two really, really good days. His energy level is high. He’s anxious. You can tell. He wants to get out there”.

If Wall can come back soon, that has some serious playoff implications. Right now, the Wizards are in the sixth seed, which would have them facing Lebron, who is playing like no one told him that he is 33 years old and has never lost in the first round .

However, they are only two and half games behind the fourth seed 76ers, and the Wizards have the tie breaker over Trust The Process. With nine games left and if Wall can play in four of those that could give the Wizards good playoff positioning and get Wall in All-Star mode.


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