Wall, Beal, and Everything That is Wrong

I love John Wall. Even if he did go to Kentucky and probably made more there than he did in his first few years in DC. However he’s broken, cannot be depended on anymore most likely. So what do we have left that is salvageable? Bradley Beal? Yeah he is a solid player, an All-Star this year. A perennial All-Star? More than likely not. Streaky shooter, great at times undependable in others.

So what do we have? Otto Porter.

Oh wait we traded him for Bobby Portis and someone who somehow has 3 bad knees. Convince me on Kelly Oubre, because I sure haven’t seen it. He was going to be the missing piece right? He was one of the missing pieces? What do you mean missing pieces we don’t even have a damn puzzle to start with.

Bring back Gilbert Arenas I don’t care if he brought a firearm to the locker room at least we had something to talk about. Someone tell these fellas to tank from now on because I need a serious thrill this draft to keep me honest.

P.S. This All-Star Game has less defense than me on a diet.

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