Update on Suk-min Yoon

Norfolk Tides’ starting pitcher Suk-min Yoon has been dominant in his last two starts. Over his last two starts, Yoon has posted a combined 0.00 ERA, allowed 10 hits, and walked five. Those numbers are far better than Yoon’s first three starts of the season where he allowed 25 hits and 13 earned runs over 12.1 innings pitched.

Yoon’s last start, game one of a double header against the Columbus Clippers on Tuesday, was his best game thus far this season. In 5.0 innings, Yoon allowed just two, yes two, hits, walked three, and had three strikeouts, throwing 79 pitches.

In Yoon’s second to last start, he pitched just as good as his last. Yoon pitched 5.0 innings in which he allowed eight hits and two walks but gave up two unearned runs. Though Yoon left the game having only pitched 5.0 innings, he gave his team a chance to win as Norfolk lead 4-2.

As I learned Sunday with Kevin Guasman, all of the Tides’ starters are on a pitch limit. Specifically, Gausman is on a pitch count in case the Orioles need his arm late in the season to help the back end of the rotation. So don’t be surprised if you see more of the starters only throwing 5.0 innings the rest of the season despite the fact they’ve pitched well in a game.

Too much of the delight from fans of both the Tides and Orioles, Yoon has proved that he can be a dominant pitcher over his last two starts. That brings up the possibility of Yoon being called up the majors later in the year. He would most likely be brought up as a long reliever due to Kevin Gausman being ahead of him in the Tides’ rotation with Gausman being a starter if things came to that.

Yoon has now brought his ERA down to 5.24 and struck out 12 batters on the year. However, Yoon’s record is still 0-3 and a Norfolk Tides’ starting pitcher has yet to earn a win this year. Yoon’s next scheduled start is Sunday, barring any weather related interruptions. Something to keep an eye on is seeing how Yoon responds after coming off his best start this year.

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