Uniformity: NHL Stadium Series 2020

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Hello and welcome back to another Uniformity article as we take a Hack’s look at Sports Jerseys. First off, thank you to all who read the NHL ASG article and the feedback, it was much appreciated and given me hope to continue. So from my slightly clogged heart, I say thank you very much.

Now, this edition is dealing with the NHL Stadium series which is from Falcon Stadium at the Air Force Academy in Colorado on February 15th. Last year we had one for the Naval Academy in Arlington Virginia, maybe next year we can go to West Point!

Your combatants this season are the Colorado Avalanche Vs Los Angeles Kings, boy this should be good, and with any outdoor game, we get specialty jerseys. Let’s see what offerings are from Addidas:
Photo from NHL.com

Mikko Rantanen, Gabriel Landeskog, Cale Makar, Stadium Series, 2020 Jersey

Oh boy, oh sweet mythical Hockey Gods, what is this!!!
Colorado is wearing this jersey that is “The Biggest Logo for an Addidas Zero” every with a Large White A on the front that divides the jersey into 2 halves.
Top Half is Colorado Blue to represent the Blue Sky
Bottom Half is Colorado Burgandy and feels in the negative space to form a mountain range with a peak in the gap in the A.
White Colorado Numbers on the sleeves and the stripe and half colors go around back and the numbers are white on the back with blue outline.
The nameplate is arched, as are all Colorado Names.

Upon first blush, I hate these jerseys, these are an eyesore, half and half design, Blue and Burgandy?!! And since when does Colorado need a chest stripe? Why the Negative space with the Mountain Range?

However with time and seeing them in practice shots, my opinion has changed, these have kinda grown on me as a one-time-only design.
This is the Avs 2nd Outdoor Game, first back in 2016 at Coors Field Vs Detriot where they wore a Neo-Retro design of the Colorado Rockies (The NHL Team, not the Baseball one)
This design while a bit of a mess, seems to work well, I like the burgundy mountain range, the peak in the A is a nice touch and the chest stripe going all the way around is always a nice touch. Colorado didn’t go overboard with the numbers,, just a bigger version of there regular numbers. The Blue half really pops on the jersey and the C as a badge is fine.
Overall I give it a Mild Thumbs Up, this works as a 1 time only Jersey.

And their Opponents, the Los Angeles Kings
Photos from NHL.com

Oh, Harriett!
The Kings wear black and White Jerseys with Silver Helmets.
The LA is to represent “Taking Flight” as a Jet taking off into the sky, NOt pictured is a checkerboard design in the collar.
The Sloping design descends on the back, with the normal Kings Number and Fonts.

First and for most the collector in me says, THOSE SHINY SILVER HEMELTS, GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMME!!! Those Gleaming Silver Helmets will look awesome on TV, don’t @ me.

So the ascending LA and descending slope on the back is actually kinda cool. I can tell thought went into this design and it shows. The LA Takeoff is also a play on there 1990s Chevy logo or also knows as the Gretzky Years.

I like how they kept the Kings’ regular numbers and the white gloves blend into the White parts of the Jerseys. On the ice against the Colorado Burgundy and Blue should be a fun clash of colors. Solid Thumbs Up all around

My final grade for these Jerseys are
Colorado- B
While I was a bit harsh on the jersey to start, once I got used to the mountain range int eh negative space, the jersey started to make sense. The Blue really pops off the jersey and the Stadium Series Patch looks great on the Blue, the Burgandy mountain range is cute, but at the same time is trying a little too hard.

Kings- A-
The Kings Jersey are much easier on the eyes with the LA taking off into the wild blue yonder and the landing on the back. I could take or leave the checkerboard collar, and the white gloves work really well. The real star of these Jerseys is the Shiny Silver Helmets, which looks like fighter pilot helmets, even down to the numbers on the forehead.

Well, that will do it for another edition of Uniformity, next time, its Baseball Season as we take a look at the 2020 MLB Spring Training Hats or Jerseys.

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