Uniformity: 2020 NHL All-Star Game

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Hello and welcome to another chapter of Uniformity, where we take a look at the sports jerseys landscape through a lens of a hack like myself.

It’s that special time of year where we all come together in a city and celebrate the game we love, NO! Not The Super Bowl! That’s another show! We are talking about the NHL All-Star Game that has jammed itself between the NFL Conference Championships and the Super Bowl.

It is being held in St. Louis Missouri this year and with a special event comes special jerseys which have ranged from beautiful (mid-1980s, 2004) to the awful (2000, 2015, 2019)
The Jerseys are modeled after the Mid 1990’s Blues jersey with musical bars across the chest, arms and around back, the st Louis Arch is stitched into the collar with trumpets both sides of the arch. The Trumpets were used as shoulder patches on the mid 1990s Blues jerseys as well, after all, Blues are the origins of Rock and Roll.
This year’s offering is as such…
Photo from SportsLogos.net

Oh boy, do I have my work cut out for me!

Ok, so, right off the bat, it has more color than the 2019 versions which were black (White lettering) or White (Black lettering) and the NHL Shield on the front, and made from recycled fabric, because of the over 200 recycling centers in San Jose/San Fransico or something. like that

They are sticking with the black vs white scheme from last year, except this time the team said player is representing in on the jersey and is highlighted in the team’s primary color.
Example: Pittsburgh, Nashville, Boston: Gold
Philadelphia: Orange
Minnesota: Green
Detriot and Montreal: Red
And so on…

While this is not a bad idea and adds a splash of color to the jerseys, this highlight/ bright version of the temas colors doesn’t work for all of them. I mean, Yes, for the teams mentioned above it works. Let’s see the Metro Jerseys, Photo from SportsLogos.net

Ones that work:
Philly: Hate to admit it, the Orange looks nice, ya bastards!
Caps: The all red Caps logo is really sharp!
Devils: The logo looks really good without the black surprisingly.
NY Islanders: The blue logo pops off both jerseys, especially the white!
Pittsburgh: My boys look like a Bond Villain HQ logo, Yuck!
Rangers: Without the Red, this logo looks hollow and empty, a damn shame
Columbus: Like NYR, removing the red really hurts the logo and makes it look empty
Canes: Yet another jersey failure for the Canes

But let’s take a look at the Pacific!
Photo from www.SportsLogos.net

Ones that Work
Vancouver: The Vancouver Blue looks nice
Calgary: The Flames Red looks sick!
LA Kings: Barely passable, because it’s just a black logo
Anaheim: Without the black outline, it looks off, especially on the white jerseys.
Edmonton: I really don’t like that Edmonton wears orange as its primary color and this just adds to my case.
Arizona: The Red looks more like purple from a distance
Sharks: See Anaheim
Vegas: Taking away the Vegas Gold and Red, really hurts this design
Onto the Central!

Photo from SportsLogos.net
Ones that Work:
Chicago The all-black Blackhawks is great
Blues: Of course, the host city gets the best logo
Avs: Colorado Burgandy pops on both, well done
Minnesota: When the logo is in all green, it still works but needs the red, orange and yellow to complete the logo.
Dallas: Without black in the logos, it just looks hollow and empty, Like Corey Perry! (Too soon?!)
Nashville: Yet another reason to dislike the Preds unis, the Nashville Gold looks nice but not my brand of whiskey.
Winnipeg: This logo looks bad without out the red and navy jet blue to fill it out

Photo from SportsLogos.net
Ones that work:
Detriot: The Classic Red pops off of both jerseys
Montreal: See, above
Tampa: The invert of colors on each jersey is a nice touch
Toronto: Once again, See above
Buffalo: Same logo for both, but hard to mess up those Sabres logo
Sens: The Senators Red really comes through, it’s one thing they do right all season.
Florida: The Red really comes through with the Panthers Logo
Boston: That Gold is way too bright, I believe Nashville would like a word with you.

And there you have it, your 2020 ASG jerseys, my final thoughts, its a step up from last year, although that’s not a high bar to get over. The Primary Color logo works for some as mentioned but for other logos, they needs the little color details or the logo looks empty. We shall how they look when they are used on January 26th in St Louis.

That’s My Opinion!

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