Ugly Wins can Make Champions

After last night’s 23-16 victory, Joe Flacco stood at the podium happy with the result, but was quoted saying “it’s not super realistic” to think the Ravens can win the Super Bowl with their offense playing the way they did last night. I understood his overall point but I disagree. It was an ugly game to watch, but I think that’s the Ravens’ best shot at winning a super bowl; playing complimentary football and putting together ugly grind-it-out games. The offense isn’t going to beat anybody in a shootout but if they can score 23 points and not give up any turnovers, combined with the defense forcing three turnovers I like our chances against anybody. One thing that also shouldn’t get overlooked is the play of punter Sam Koch. On drives where the offense failed to score, he made sure to help out the defense by pinning the Texans inside the 20 yard line five times last night. The defense has made an emphasis on not giving up big plays in the passing game this season and I think that will continue into the postseason. So if we aren’t giving up quick touchdowns, we’re also limiting the amount of points our offense has to put up.
Quite frankly, this year’s roster was built around pulling out ugly victories led by the defense. Terrell Suggs has been very active in the last few weeks notching five sacks in the last three games, the secondary gave up some big catches and penalties last night but did not allow any touchdowns. So I think we’re right on par with the identity Ozzie Newsome had in mind. Any improvements on offense would be more of a bonus than necessity . The ground and short passing game is back at full strength wit the return of Danny Woodhead and Alex Collins seems to be getting better as the year goes on.


So Mr.Flacco with all due respect, I think you’re wrong this can be a super bowl team.

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