Top Five Baltimore Raven Players to Watch for on Monday Night

1: Orlando Brown Jr. Since drafting Orlando Brown Jr in the third round Brown has seemed to fit in well making his father proud. Little Zeus has been labeled the fourth best tackle in his first two preseason games according to Pro Football Focus. Brown only given up on one quarterback hurry and his run stopping blocks have looked great.

2: Chuck Clark. With Tony Jefferson being injured Clark has made a great case for himself filling in the role. Clark has made a great case for himself showing that he can be on the field still in different roles when Jefferson returns since Clark is showing great ball hawking skills.

3: Lamar Jackson. Jackson most likely not start a game this coming season, but these preseason games mean everything for Jackson seeing real game action to help his development as a thrower. Jackson had a great run for a touchdown last week, but still shows he wants to run first. The Ravens are trying to get him comfortable in the pocket, so we’ll see this Monday if he gets more comfortable as a passer.

4: Breshard Perriman. Perriman has been labeled a first round bust by some fans, but he did play a great game last week with three catches for 71 yards including a 32-yard touchdown. Perriman is fighting for a roster spot, and will be given plenty of opportunities to prove his skills.

5: Tim Williams: Williams was a third round pick from Alabama last year and didn’t see much play time last year. Williams looked like an NFL starter last week who produced a few tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. Williams hopes to continue his momentum as he hopes to get a starting role on the defense.

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