Top Fantasy Basketball Talents With Maryland Roots

Guest article by Mark Jenkins

The NBA season is less than a month away from tipping off, so people are preparing for their annual fantasy basketball draft. It has been pretty common in recent memory to see a lot of players with Maryland ties going early on in every league. Of course, it helps when the reigning MVP is just one guy from the state. Here is a look at the top prospects going into the 2014-2015 season, and a suggestion as far as when to take them.


Kevin Durant


The majority of NBA fans will say that Lebron James is the best player in the NBA, but Durant might be the best fantasy basketball player out there. Not only does he score on a pretty consistent basis, but he is a main focal point of a team that needs him to be at his best every single night. It is time for Oklahoma City to start winning and competing for a title, so expect his numbers to be there. He is for sure a 1st rounder, and very well could go number 1 overall.


Carmelo Anthony


With a new system in place for the New York Knicks, Anthony could have another successful season in fantasy basketball. However, he is not as focused now on individual statistics as he is on actually winning. He knows that time is running out in his prime, so look for him to try and be a more efficient individual player. He is still a 1st rounder, but he should probably be taken in the late 1st round compared to everyone else.


Rudy Gay


After a very successful stint playing for team USA, Rudy Gay is hoping that he can have a solid 1st full season with the Sacramento Kings. Remember, he had to learn on the fly last year after being traded from the Toronto Raptors early on in the season. With a full training camp and a chance to be a little bit more mature, he will shoot with more efficiency and be a better overall player. Look for him to be a bit of a sleeper who can be obtained in the 4th or 5th round.


Ty Lawson


It is easy for people in fantasy basketball to forget that Ty Lawson had one of his best seasons ever in 2013-2014. That is because he had to step things up when everyone else was dealing with injuries for the Denver Nuggets. With a full roster coming back, he could be even better as a playmaker who can also create his own shot. The point guard position is loaded, but he still brings quite a bit of value in the middle rounds. Look at him as early as the 5th round in most formats.


Victor Oladipo


Oladipo was already considered to be a guy flying under the radar, and that will be the case even more now that he is dealing with an injury in the preseason. The fact of the matter is, Orlando wants to see what he’s capable of doing. They’re going to give him chances to succeed, and he should be able to do just that. Starting in the 6th round, he is somebody who should be looked at as a very valuable piece to target.



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