Top five fantasy quarterbacks

File:AaronRodgers.jpgIt is just about that time, everyone is preparing for the NFL season and starting fantasy football drafts.  I will be doing lists of the best fantasy players per position.  Here are my top 5 quarterbacks for fantasy to help you will your league!

Number five- Matthew Stafford.

Stafford is the quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Stafford has yet to even make the playoffs but is a tremendous fantasy quarterback. I would expect Stafford to put up close to 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns which is very good for a fantasy quarterback. If you can pull it off I would try to get Calvin Johnson, you can double up on points with the duo.

Number four– Cam Newton

Newton made the playoffs for the first time last year with the Carolina Panthers and he has so much potential especially in fantasy. One key to Newton in fantasy is he runs for several hundred yards with close to ten touchdowns every year. Newton’s arm is still a huge key he will throw for over 3,000 yards and at least 20 touchdowns. He is a great pickup for fantasy.

Number three– Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is a great quarterback who’s fantasy value was not as good last year because he missed half the season. Rodgers will have a bounce back year this year and put up close to 40 touchdowns and 4,000 yards. Rodgers has a good receiving core with a good young running back which helps his numbers go up. Also, if you get Rodgers, I would suggest picking up Jordy Nelson or Randell Cobb.

Number two- Drew Brees

Brees has been in the playoffs most years lately. His numbers are great and have been most of the time under Sean Peyton. His top target is Jimmy Graham who is the best tight end option in fantasy. Brees will have a 40 touchdowns and 4,000 yard type numbers which would be amazing year as your fantasy quarterback.

Number one– Peyton Manning

Manning is just flat out the best for fantasy. Manning could break the 50 touchdown record this season. Manning will have at least a 4,500 yard and 45 touchdown. If you have the number one pick you have to pick Manning.

Biggest Bust– Nick Foles

Nick Foles had a great year last year but will not keep up the pace. Foles only threw two interceptions last year which is insane. I could see him having a very mediocre year and being in the middle of pack fantasy quarterbacks.

Biggest Surprise– Johnny Manziel

The rookie Johnny Manziel is my underrated surprise fantasy player this year. Manziel’s off the field situations have taken everyone’s eye off him on the field. I think Manziel would be a good back up if you had a Rodgers or Brees just I case they got hurt. One key with Manziel is he will get you rushing points too. He would be a great pickup in one of the last rounds.  Obviously, Brian the owner disagrees with me on Manziel.

These are my fantasy football quarterback rankings! I will be doing each main fantasy position about once a week leading up to the season.

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