Top 10 scariest WWE Superstars of all time

There have been many different faces in WWE’s history, and some of them have sent shivers down our spine.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it! Here are the top 10 scariest WWE Superstars of all time!

Honorable Mentions: Umaga, The Great Khali, Big Daddy V, Kamala, Abdullah The Butcher

10. Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn was an interesting character in a time where ECW was returning to WWE programming. Thorn’s vampire appearance made him a scary sight for the extreme brand. Known for spitting blood at the camera and hissing in disguest, Thorn was the new Gangrel-like character that gave WWE a fear factor. Although Thorn’s run in WWE lasted just two years, his intimidating figure helped helped him become known as WWE’s resident vampire.

9. The Wild Samoans

Products of the famous Anoa’i family, Afa and Sika took the WWE by storm in the early ’80s. Not known for their words, The Wild Samoans were your typical wild men. They often grunted, picked their nose, and even ate raw fish. The group had three title runs in their career and paved the way for tag team wrestling. Crazy, unhinged, and downright wild, these two legends will always be a part of WWE’s legacy.

8. Psycho Sid

Talk about psycho, this guy was absolutley crazy. One of the most destructive men in WWE history, Psycho Sid brought intensity every time he stepped in the ring. Sid’s size gave him an intimidation factor, while his mind games gave him a tactical edge in the ring. The two-time WWE Champion made his mark by defeating legends like Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels to make him one of the most imposing men in WWE history.

7. Doink The Clown

If you did not already have a fear of clowns, just take a look at Doink The Clown and you will begin to see why people have Coulrophobia. Doink was malicious from his beginnings in WWE. He would squirt children with trick flowers and take pleasure in making children cry. Doink astonished viewers by attacking opponents with prosthetic clown limbs. The gleam in his eyes and his grin could not hide the twisted monster that lurked behind the clown makeup. Taking on legends such as Randy Savage and Bret Hart, Doink made his mark in WWE history for all the wrong reasons.

6. Giant Gonzalez

The tallest man to ever enter a WWE ring, Giant Gonzalez was a very frightening figure to his opponents. The man stood 7’7″ and weighed 463 pounds. He came to the ring wearing caveman-like gear and made young fans cover their eyes when he walked down the entrance ramp. Gonzalez was such a giant monster, he made the Undertaker look puny.

5. Papa Shango

This man was just weird and just plain creepy. The voodoo practitioner made his entrance grasping a smoking skull in his hands. The combination of Shango’s appearance and demeanor made him a terrifying man to step in the ring with. But Shango is most famous for his feud with the Ultimate Warrior, when he performed a black magic ritual that caused black goo to drip from the Warrior’s head.

4. Kane

The Big Red Machine, also known as “the devil’s favorite demon,” is one of WWE’s most unstoppable forces. Kane’s list of evil doings includes setting WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on fire, tombstone piledriving former baseball star Pete Rose, and burying his own brother alive. The former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and ECW Champion is one of the angriest, sadistic men to ever enter a WWE ring.

3. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is what we call a sociopath. The now leader of the Firefly Fun House is about as creepy you can get. Wearing a monstrous clown mask and telling his foes to “let him in” certainly strikes fear in the WWE Universe. The former leader of the Wyatt Family is known for his cryptic messages, mysterious promos, and Sister Abigail, who seems to be his primary source of power in the ring. The Eater of Worlds definitely has the whole world in his hands.

2. The Boogeyman

Perhaps the scariest looking Superstar, the Boogeyman has certainly been in the nightmares of WWE Universe. The man eats worms for crying out loud. The man from the Bottomless Pit made his mark on the WWE roster by appearing everywhere from the bathroom, to closets, to a car. He even ate a giant mole off former WWE Diva Jillian Hall’s face. Even though he never received a major push with the company, he is and will always be the Boogeyman, and he is coming to get you.

  1. The Undertaker

The most fierce striker in WWE history, and one of the greatest to ever step in the ring, the Deadman is no doubt the scariest wrestler of all time. The Phenom has done just about all you can do in the business, and is a former World Heavyweight Champion, multiple time Tag Team Champion, and winner of the Royal Rumble. The man rose from the dead, struck lightning down from the rafters, and almost sacrificed Stephanie McMahon in his Prince of Darkness days. The Undertaker will forever be known as WWE’s scariest Superstar.

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