Jefferson, Smith Sr. Lead Charge for Landry

As if the offseason hype train continues to chug toward Baltimore, the fans have emitted a pitiful amount of excitement for what the future holds for their 22-year-old football team. Some folks who are getting into the spirit of the (off)season though, current Ravens safety Tony Jefferson and former receiver Steve Smith Sr.

Safety Eric Weddle didn’t whiff on the opportunity to give a plug either.

The signing of Landry would be an immediate boon for the Ravens and could possibly fill seats by himself, which must be enticing to the front office folks. Landry has the ability to produce as well, never having less than the 84 catches that came in his rookie season. He has topped 100 catches twice in his career, with his career high of 112 coming in the 2017 season. He also has amassed 400 catches, a PPR machine, and 4038 yards throughout his 4 seasons in the NFL. Landry is exactly the type of productive possession receiver the Ravens have lacked since Anquan Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Steve Smith Sr. had productive years in Baltimore and loves the city even though his time was short there, which may be one of the reasons he’s trying to recruit Landry.

The Ravens made a similar move last year with Jeremy Maclin, which ended up being ill-fated for both sides. Landry, who will be 26 once the 2018 season begins, immediately has more upside than Maclin, 29, who only had 40 catches for 440 yards.

The Ravens reportedly attempted to trade for Landry prior to last season, now they can put all of the chips in the center of the table with Landry set to hit the open market this spring.

The new league year and Free Agency starts on March 14th.


— Vasilios Nikolaou (@VtheNFLGuy)

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