Tom Wilson: What’s next after a full season on the top line

Tom Wilson was in many opinions, a spark starter for the Washington Capitals this season. Playing rough defense as a forward, sometimes leading to fights helped the team either bounce back from a recent goal, or helped the momentum stay going in the right direction.

Wilson did not care if he went to the box for a big hit in a big situation. This is just part of the way he plays hockey. The Caps often looked to his physicality when they needed a momentum shifter.

Tom wilson was suspended for two games against the Penguins in the playoffs for a borderline hit. Wilson being out of the game made the rest of the team realize that they needed to step up to fill his spot on offense. Washington did exactly that. Once Wilson came back for game 6, not only was he fresh, but he had a chip on his shoulder which helped the Washington Capitals go on and win the series to advance to the Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tom Wilson has opted to NOT go through an arbitration hearing as he and the Washington Capitals organization are working towards a long term deal. The deal would likely keep Tommy Hockey in Washington for a long time, or potentially the rest of his career.

Last season Tom Wilson had 187 penalty minutes. This was a high number, but a bunch came from fighting majors standing up for his other team mates. Offensively Wilson had 123 shots on net, and a 11.4% Shot Percentage in 78 games played. Tom Wilson ended the regular season with 14 goals, 21 assists and a plus 10 rating on the ice.


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