Three Orioles rank among Keith Law’s top prospects

In the annual rankings of Keith Law’s top 100 prospects the Baltimore Orioles found three of their own leading the way.

Leading the Orioles on the list, Austin Hays #21 followed by Chance Sisco #68, and Ryan Mountcastle #71. Coming off a year where the Orioles did not have one prospect in the top 100, this is great news for the birds.

Coming as a surprise for the Orioles, Ryan Mountcastle is starting to live up to his first round talent. With the chance of Machado getting traded, Mountcastle will have to prove himself to earn a spot on the Opening day roster. Next would be the organizations top two prospects, Sisco and Hays. Who both got to show some of their worth late in the Orioles season getting called up during the extended roster period. Due to that they both are in line to play bigger roles for the 2018 Orioles.

Sisco will be in a battle to be the starter catcher with Joseph. While Hays will look to be in the OF rotation or take control of RF, which I would like to see. In recent years RF has been a revolving door and showing faith in Hays could lead to positive production similar to Trey Mancini.

Boogie Borucki

Aspiring sports writer, current Terp from Hoco. Rode with the O's through the worst up to Buck's Birds. And I've never seen a take too hot.

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