The Washington Commanders get shutout for the first 3 quarters

The Commanders lost 24-8 to the Eagles. The offense looked bad again to start the game. Unlike last week the Commanders did get a first down on the first drive. After that drives would end with a punt or turnover until the 4th quarter The O-line had trouble blocking again this week and ended up giving up 9 sacks. Now some of those sacks were on Wentz for holding onto the ball too long, but the other times the tackles just got beat. Wentz only had one turnover a fumble, which is an improvement from the last two games. The fumble was costly though because the Eagles would score a touchdown two plays after it. Like last week the offense would get better in the 2nd half, but it took till garbage time to do so. Wentz never looked right he seemed timid most of the game and was inaccurate to start the game. I would like to see the offense go with quicker passes to start the game next week and get Wentz into a rhythm. The last two games Wentz never go into a rhythm, which is why I think the offense has been so bad to start the game.


The defense looked a lot better. They didn’t give up any points in the 2nd half and gave up less than 25 points for the first time this season. The first touchdown the defense gave up was on a short field after a Wentz fumble. They still gave up some big plays again and at this point thats just what this defense is going to do. The first big play to Devonta Smith should’ve been incomplete because he only got one foot in bounds, but Ron Rivera didn’t challenge the play. The other two big plays the receivers out jumped the defenders and caught a 50/50 ball. The defenders were in good position they just didn’t play the ball as well as they could’ve.

The run defense looked a lot better and the longest run given up was 13 yards by Miles Sanders. Hurts only rushed for 20 yards and if you told me that before the game I would’ve been happy. Holding the Eagles to zero points in the 2nd half was very impressive to me as well. If this defense can somehow figure out how to stop giving up big plays it could be a decent squad.

And finally Benjamin St-Juste was the best player on the defense. He finally got to start outside and he showed why he should stay outside. With his length he can defend balls better and can recover better if he does get beat. He had 3 pass defended, which was the most on the team. I’m still looking for this defense to force some turnovers. They only have 1 all season and that came on the last drive week 1 against the Jags.


The offense needs to start fast like it did in week 1. I would like to see quick passes to start the game next week, which will get Wentz in sync hopefully. When the offense has been in sync its looked really good and can move the ball at will. It never got to that point it seemed out of sorts until the last drive of the 3rd quarter. And by that point the game felt over and the offense wouldn’t even score on that drive. They wouldn’t score a touchdown until after the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter. If the offense starts fast next week I like the Commanders chances to win in Dallas.

Looking Ahead

Next week the Commander travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. The Cowboys take on the Giants tomorrow night on Monday Night Football. Dak Prescott should still be out for the Cowboys, which means the Commanders will face Copper Rush. He played okay last week against the Bengals. He threw for 235 yards and a touchdown. I will be watching the game tomorrow to see how he does against the Giants. Ideally Rush plays bad next week and the Commanders offense plays better and the commanders can move to 2-2.

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