The Maddening Life Of a Washington Redskins Fan: Week 6 Breakdown

On October 14, 2018 the 3-1 Carolina Panthers tromped up to FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland expecting to beat a ravaged 2-2 Redskins team. Why wouldn’t they? The Redskins just lost 43-19 to the Saints on Monday Night Football. Their offense looked anemic and the defense appeared to have an open-door policy to pay dirt. If the Washington faithful expected the home team to win another overpowered matchup then all the power to them.

On paper how could you predict a Redskins win? The blithering unit that felt it appropriate to show up after Monday night’s performance did just that. They showed up in a big way. With Dallas capturing a win over stout opponent Jacksonville, and Philadelphia beating the New York Giants, this game was a must win to stay in the divisional chase.

This season has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Week one Washington notched a solid win over Arizona, but then they go to Indianapolis and lose to the Colts in week two. The Redskins then beat a highly favored Green Bay team, and proceeded to be embarrassed on Monday Night Football to the Saints. Come week six there was no expectation too high or too low.

An AVERAGE Redskins team beat an in-conference opponent 23-17 with discipline and tight execution of assignments. Adrian Peterson was serviceable for four quarters. Vernon Davis stepped up and make an impact on the vertical air attack. Josh Norman congratulations on you dominant performance vs. your former team. This was an all-around team win.

But now we are looking over our shoulders. Anxiously waiting to see which Redskins team takes the field vs. Dallas. Washington leads the NFC East with a 3-2 record, followed by Dallas sitting at 3-3. If I may instill the slightest grain of hope Dallas is 0-3 on the road so far this season. With adamant hope I pray the loyal Redskins fans can fill up their home stadium and give Dallas another road loss.

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