The Future Is Now For Orioles As Castillo Turns Down $7 Million Player Option

BALTIMORE – The now free agent, Welington Castillo, has declined his player option of $7 million.

Last season Castillo signed his $6 million one year deal with a player option for 2018 when the Orioles left Matt Weiters walk into free agency.

It should be no surprise that Castillo chose to walk with the offensive and defensive numbers he put up for the O’s. Welington played in 96 games for the Orioles, while having a slash line of .282 with 20 homers and 53 RBIs.

The only flaw this year for Castillo that other clubs will be looking at is the injury pattern at which sat Castillo for countless number of games a few times throughout the year.

Castillo will be looking to land on the doorstep of his fifth MLB club and keep those numbers that he achieved in Baltimore.

Now for The Orioles they are sitting comfortably with the depth they have created in their system. The career backup, Caleb Joseph, looks to take the rains behind the plate along with the youngsters in Chance Sisco and Austin Wynns.

Joseph is a middle of the pack catcher that has been a career back up but coming off of a solid 2017 season. He will get the first look at controlling the Orioles pitchers, but not far behind him will be the youngster Sisco.

Cisco was a late season pull up in 2017 at which he recorded 6 hits in 18 at bats. He is the Orioles future at 22 years old and a bright future ahead of him.

Then the Orioles have another young catcher with Austin Wynns. Wynns has never made it out of the minors but many within baseball believe he could become one of the best catchers to play the game. He is a plus hitter and plus defender with the ability to do just about anything at the dish and behind it.

So for the Orioles it may look bleak at the moment but if the young players can step up it might just be the beginning of a bright future for Orioles backstop.

Zig Zeger

Assistant baseball coach @ Chesapeake College Former collegiate Golfer/ Baseball Player Follow me on Twitter @ Coach_Zig_Zeger

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