The Capitals welcome the Flyers to town for the last back to back of the season

The Washington Capitals welcome the Philadelphia Flyers to town for a back to back series with them. The Capitals are in first place in the East Division and need a win to stay there.

First, the defensive pressure needs to be even more intense than it has been. The team has been able to clear the defensive zone on first attempts, and that needs to stay. The team has also been forchecking great and finishing checks. This is important for puck control. If the team controls the puck then they can stay on offense and put pressure on the opposing team.

The other focus the team needs to worry about is staying in the present game. They are only a few percentage points above the Penguins but if they worry to much about what they do, then they may lose the game.

The game is at 7 on NBC sports Washington

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