Thank you Mr. Flaherty

Ryan Flaherty may not have played in every game or be the star player but Mr. Flaherty you simple on the Mount Rushmore of utility players. May not seem like anything batting .215/.284/.355 in his career with the Orioles however he was more then a stat. One thing many don’t know is there was one player that hit a home run for both the 2012 and 2014 Orioles, the answer, Ryan Flaherty.

Brought to the Orioles due to the 2011 Rule 5 draft, Flaherty became Mr. Backup. Over his six seasons with the Orioles Flaherty found himself playing every position for the Orioles. Yes you read that right, every position. Spent more time at some positions then others but that doesn’t take away from his legacy.

Flaherty was always there when we needed him so Baltimore we need to be there when he needs us. Filling in for many injuries along the way began in 2013 filling in for Brian Roberts, then in 14′ playing 3B for Machado, then again in 15′ for Schoop at 2B, and then once more in 16′ when Hardy went down.

The best memory of Mr. Flaherty I have is in the 2014 playoffs when he turned the smoothest double play this side of the Mississippi.

From Baltimore to you, Thank you for dealing with all the ups and downs. Thanks for being loyal to the birds and never being a team cancer, you’re the GOAT and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Boogie Borucki

Aspiring sports writer, current Terp from Hoco. Rode with the O's through the worst up to Buck's Birds. And I've never seen a take too hot.

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