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Apr 05

Tom Wilson vs Mike Halmo

Tom Wilson faces off against Mike Halmo, this was a one sided fight. Wilson got all the good punches in and had the take down for the one-sided easy win. Win: Wilson

Mar 21

Tom Wilson vs Kyle Clifford

This was a very good fight between Tom Wilson and Kyle Clifford.  Wilson at one point bulldozed Clifford into the boards but Clifford got the last punch in.  This fight is a draw all the way as neither fighter had the upper hand. Win:  Draw

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Mar 06

Two fights in one Tom Wilson versus Luke Schenn and John Erskine versus Vincent Lecavalier

This was a mess, the Philideplhia Flyers came out playing dirty and this is where it got too heated. The first fight Tom Wilson faces off against Luke Schenn after a hit on a Washington Capitals player. Schenn was tangeled up and Wilson had a chance to really put a hurting on him but waited. …

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Jan 27

Tom Wilson vs Brandon Prust

Tom Wilson gets tested against a very experienced fighter in Brandon Prust and does not do too bad.  This fight was very close and there was no clear winner.  No hits seemed to really do any damage to either of the fighters. Win: Draw  

Jan 13

Carter Ashton vs Tom Wilson

How do you know that Tom Wilson is a good fighter?  Well Wilson gets knocked down by Carter Ashton then gets back up to win this fight.  The fight was actually close until the end but Wilson gets a clear win. Win: Wilson

Dec 30

Tom Wilson vs Marcus Foligno

This fight pretty much defines what it means to have a draw. Tom Wilson and Marcus Foligno go at it but never really connect on any blows. Wilson uses his size to take down Foligno. Draw

Dec 19

Tom Wilson vs Nicklas Grossmann

After a big hit Tom Wilson had to answer to Nicklas Grossmann.  A brawl starts and Wilson more than holds his own.  The hit was a boarding major and it was deserving, Wilson is a big kid and won the fight. Win: Wilson

Dec 09

Rich Clune vs Tom Wilson

This was a one sided fight, Rich Clune goes up against Tom Wilson and he got thrown around a bit.  Wilson may still be a young kid but he knows how to throw his body around and had a size advantage.  Clune did well but in the end Wilson got the one-sided win. Win: Wilson …

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Nov 18

Ryan Reaves vs Tom Wilson

Very short fight here, Tom Wilson and Ryan Reaves get into it and it is hard to see if any punches landed.  Wilson did however get the take down and because of that I will give him the win. Win: Wilson

Nov 02

Capitals versus Flyers line brawl: plus thoughts

The Washington Capitals were beating the Philiphedia Flyers 7-0 when this broke out. It was the classic case of a dirty classless team not knowing how to be beaten. The Flyers basically jumped the Caps and it was not the first time it happened in the game. Some big things to point out as their …

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