AFC North Injury Report: End of preseason


As week one of the season approaches, some teams came out looking strong for their preseason games, while others fell a little short. The AFC North has some probable contenders that will be on everybody’s radar this coming season. Although we hope they remain on the top of the list, let’s hope it’s not the top of the injury report list! As the games roll on, we will see how well the AFC North will hold themselves against other divisions.
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Evolution of the Ravens-Steelers Rivalry


It is a rivalry that has been talked about more than any other NFL rivalry and perhaps even any sports rivalry in general in the past half decade. When you talk about the Ravens and Steelers, bloodbath, attrition, and grit is what comes to mind for the fans. It is a rivalry that has boasted heavy animosity no only amongst the players but the fanbases as well. Ever rough is a Baltimore-Pittsburgh game on a Sunday afternoon. It is the two games almost every Ravens and Steelers fan marks on their calendars, and hope that a sweep will be in the making of their respective rival. At the end of each season, if both teams have become playoff eligible, we can then only hope that a heaven sent request will be fulfilled and that a playoff matchup between the two will happen, the game in which the winner can truly grab bragging rights regardless of their regular season record against their adversaries. Read more about Evolution of the Ravens-Steelers Rivalry