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May 22

Wizards season review, Part 5

Part 5, A memorable playoff run Down the stretch run of the season, the Wizards had one goal in mind; do not finish with the seventh or eighth seed. If they did get one of those seeds, they would have to face either the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers, each of which they were unlikely …

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May 21

Wizards season review, Part 4

Part 4, The winning team in D.C. After the Washington Wizards got their confidence and chemistry, they were a tough team to beat throughout the 2014 season. However, there was one hump in the road that took a while for them to get over.

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May 20

Wizards season review, Part 3

Part 3, The 2014 season gets off to a rocky start On paper, there was no question that the 2014 version of the Washington Wizards had what it took to make the playoffs in the East, however they were not playing like a playoff team early on in the season. The Wizards started the season …

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May 19

Wizards season review, Part 2

Part 2, The hype begins There was a lot of hype surrounding DC leading up to the 2013 season. Many fans were thinking playoffs. They definitely had enough talent with the dynamic backcourt duo of Wall and Beal and with the presence of recently acquired Nene, who played many strong years in Denver but could …

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May 18

Wizards season review, Part 1

Part 1, How it all started It would be impossible to review the 2014 season without looking back at how things have gone over the past five years for the Washington Wizards. The Wizards came out of the 2008 season making three straight playoff appearances, and advancing to the second round once. In 2009, Wizards …

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Jan 07

Ravens 2013 season review

It is time for the Baltimore Ravens season review.  Surprisingly the Ravens season ended kind of like the Baltimore Orioles season as both teams finished around .500 and just missed the playoffs.  The Ravens finished the season with an eight and eight record. The Ravens season came down to one huge flaw and that was …

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