Goodbye Mr. Davis; Sweeping the Bosox

Nice to wake up today to see that the Orioles lost Chris Davis for the season. Yes that’s sarcasm. Sure, he’s been a flop for most of the year, but his homers certainly have been effective. What else could go wrong for this team that is running away with the AL East? First we lost switch-hitting catcher, Matt Wieters. Next, the wonderful Manny Machado and now Davis. That’s a lot of punch out of the team.
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Positions the Orioles could upgrade in a trade

The Baltimore Orioles are currently in first place of the American League East. They have a great chance to make it to the playoffs but, they need to make at least one move. The Orioles biggest need is a second basemen and a catcher.

Second base is especially a need because Johnathan Schoop and Ryan Flaherty have been pretty good defensively but offensively they have not been producing. Schoop and Flaherty are both batting under .230. I would love the Orioles to go out and make an effort for Chase Utley. Utley does have a no trade clause but he may wave it to come to a contender now.

Catcher is a position I think they should try to address. Caleb Joseph has been great defensively but shows little offensively. I personally think that he is a great AAA player but a below average MLB player. Nick Hundley has been a nice pickup especially considering they got rid of Troy Patton for him. Patton got suspended and was bad when he came back and I thought the Orioles made a good decision. Read more about Positions the Orioles could upgrade in a trade

Player Profiles: Ryan Flaherty

500px-Ryan_Flaherty_on_April_24,_2012Every team needs a super utility player that can play just about every position well.  That is what Ryan Flaherty is for the Baltimore Orioles, Flaherty is the Orioles super utility guy.

The Chicago Cubs selected Flaherty with the 41st overall pick in the 2008 MLB draft.  The Orioles picked Flaherty up in the 2011 Rule-5 draft.

Flaherty is nicknamed “Flash” but is not a fan favorite.  Fans have been tough in Flaherty for his inconsistent bat.  Fans need to remember that Flaherty was rushed to the Majors because he was a Rule-5 draft pick and never got consistent playing time to learn the league.  Remember Rule-5 draft picks must stay with in the Majors unless their is an injury or they go back to their original team. Read more about Player Profiles: Ryan Flaherty

Yaz and the triple crown: taking 2 of 3 from the Sox

I’ve always maintained that if Frank Robinson didn’t get hurt in 1967, there would be no triple crown for one Carl Yastrzemski. Nothing against Yaz as he was a terrific player. Recall, the previous season, Robinson won the triple crown for Baltimore with a .316 average, 49 homers and 122 RBIs. So the great Robinson naturally came back in 1967 and got off to a great start. Read more about Yaz and the triple crown: taking 2 of 3 from the Sox