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Jul 30

Can Alfred Morris stay productive?

The Washington Redskins have relied on their running backs for many years. In 2012 the Redskins selected Alfred Morris in the sixth round. In his first two seasons Morris had over 1,000 yards in each season and 20 total touchdowns in his career. The last two years Morris has the second most rushing yards only …

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Nov 20

3rd down and 9 and that's another first down

Hate to bring old George Allen back in the conversation. But the former milk drinker is clearly turning over in his grave. In the most recent Redskins loss (did we ever think we would be saying that), this Skins defense was just bad. How many times are we going to watch the Skins stop a …

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Oct 31

Guaranteed win when San Diego comes to town

Do I dare say it out loud that the Skins will step up and hammer the visiting Chargers when San Diego comes to town come Sunday afternoon. Of course this comes with confidence after that performance in Denver. No one (in their right mind) gave the Skins a chance when they crossed into Colorado last …

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Oct 22

If I wasn't a fan, this would be a great game to watch

It’s really about the bottom line. Did you win or lose? That’s all they ever ask. And yes, the Redskins won. In an old fashioned slugfest. There was so much good and so much bad, I don’t know where to start. If you live in Bears country, it’s always delightful to beat Chicago’s favorite football …

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