ESPN's Witch hunt against Baltimore,_Super_Bowl_celebration.jpgInvestigative journalism is really something ESPN should stay away from. The premise of their Outside the Lines and E:60 series really seem to fall outside of their area of expertise. It is difficult to not notice that the product being presented is so overtly sensationalized and biased that it is practically impossible to consider it a credible source. Read more about ESPN's Witch hunt against Baltimore

Peterson's child abuse, culture change badly needed

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson

I have heard a lot of talk today about there being a “fine line” between punishment and abuse and that the subject of Adrian Peterson’s charges is difficult because of a generational gap in beliefs on how to discipline and raise a child. To those statements, I would simply like to swear. However, I will refrain from such vulgarity and attempt to address the issue in a somewhat professional manner. That line of thought is garbage. Read more about Peterson's child abuse, culture change badly needed

Ray Rice needs counseling, not football **updated**

96px-Ray_Rice_2012If the Baltimore Ravens were hopeful that a return to the field on Sunday would put behind them any lingering coverage of the Ray Rice situation, Monday came as a giant disappointment. Certainly, this newly released video of what exactly happened inside the elevator between Ray Rice and his wife Janay will open up a new round of questions for the Ravens coaching staff and front office to answer. The NFL will also have to be questioned again as to why they did not wait until all the evidence had been presented to them before making their decision on a suspension. Read more about Ray Rice needs counseling, not football **updated**

Goodell changes domestic violence policy light of heat from the Ray Rice suspension NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has changed the NFL’s domestic violence policy.  I will go into further details about my thoughts of the new policy, and yes I really like it.  I think it is much better to have to policy clearly defined and the punishments longer.

Goodell admits that he made a mistake in only giving Rice a two-game suspension.  I agree I thought he should have gotten more.  Now a domestic violence violation will result in a six game suspension for first offenders.

Here is the letter to the NFL owners from Goodell.  Read more about Goodell changes domestic violence policy

Rice's Suspension Points to Hypocrisy in the NFL

NFL-Union-Leader-Says-Players-Don’t-Trust-Roger-Goodell The National Football League, led by Roger Goodell, has been on the forefront of cracking down on illegal activities that seemed to have run ramped throughout the league in the past decade. However the recent actions or non-actions on the part off the NFL towards Ray Rice have clearly brought a strong wave of scrutiny towards the league. Read more about Rice's Suspension Points to Hypocrisy in the NFL

Rice suspended two games

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice will be suspended two games, according to multiple reports including  Rice who was arrested this offseason for a simple assault charge that gained tons of media attention.  I was expecting a four-game suspension for Rice.  Rice will miss not be paid for the first two-games.

Some things that may have worked in Rices favor is that Rice married his fiance and went into counseling before he even went to court.  This was also Rices first off the field issue and he had a very good reputation before this happened and was a strong member of the Baltimore community. 
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Ravens position analysis : The running backs

Photo: Baltimore Ravens
Photo: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens running backs struggled last season with both health and production.  Ray Rice had a career worst season and Bernard Pierce struggled.  Most of the blame can be placed on the offensive line and health.  Rice was injured pretty much all season and Pierce was banged up as well.

This offseason has not been good for the Ravens running backs.  Rice and Lorenzo Taliaferro were both arrested and face possible suspensions.  Rice’s arrest was a lot more public than Taliaferro.

Let’s get to analysis. Read more about Ravens position analysis : The running backs

Ravens impressed by players at voluntary workouts

120px-Torrey_Smith_Ravens_practiceThe Baltimore Ravens had an impressive number of players at their first voluntary offseason workouts. Some of the notable players included Ray Rice and Torrey Smith. Rice has been going through a lot this offseason and it is good to know that he is back with the team. Rice is in good shape according to the tweet from the Baltimore Ravens.


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