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Aug 06

A Mets and Yankees game plus the Orioles's stay in first place

I remarked to my boys that this was my third Mets Stadium. Of course, I’m an Orioles fan for life but took a trip when small to Old Polo Grounds to see the Mets play in 1963 or so. All I recall was Pirates outfielder Donn Clendenon hit a homer that hit a woman in …

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Watch: Markakis' tenth homer

Aug 03

Markakis hits career milestone

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Nick Markakis got his 1,500 career hit today and did one better by getting another hit.  Markakis is now halfway to 3,000 hits one of the big accomplishments for a major league hitter. Markakis has been slowed by injuries the past couple seasons or he would have gotten to 1,500 sooner.  Still …

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Aug 01

Grich and Baylor off to California: Taking 2 of 3

I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream it. There on the cover of Sports Illustrated were two minor leaguers. More specifically it was two Orioles minor leaguers. From Rochester, New York came Baltimore prospects Bobby Grich and Don Baylor. The headline was something like, “Birds on a Wing.” Yes, back in the early 70s, the Orioles …

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Watch: Markakis' eighth home run


Watch: Markakis' diving catch

Jul 28

116 wins and taking 3 of 4 from the Mariners

Why is this Orioles fan (for life), pumping up the Seattle Mariners? It’s just amazing that’s why. Maybe the most stunning fact of 2001 season was the campaign of second baseman, Bret Boone. He had never driven in 100 runs in a season and knocked in 141 runs that year. There was one 15-game winning …

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Jul 24

Brother Lo's big hit: beating the Angels this week

No other way to describe the 1979 Orioles season than it was pure magic. Just one win in the last three games and it would have been perfect. So after breezing to the regular season title, the Orioles had to take on the California Angels to make it to the World Series. And that West …

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Jul 17

First-place Orioles at the all-star break

I see there is a photo Manny Machado in the most recent Sports Illustrated. Can’t wait to read the article on our first-place team in the AL East. So it made me curious how did our great teams do in the past at the All-star break”?  Our first World Champion team (1966) was in a …

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Jul 15

Orioles midseason report card: The hitters

The Baltimore Orioles are 52-42 and in first place at the All-Star break. The first half had its ups and downs but the Orioles really started putting things together during the second quarter of the season. I am going to grade out all the hitters and position players that significant playing time for the Orioles. …

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