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Apr 13

Nicolas Blanchard vs Matt Hendricks

Matt Hendricks got goated into this fight. Draw

Feb 21

Matt Hendricks versus Derek Joslin

One of the worse games the Caps have played. The only battle the Caps won was this fight. Clear win for Hendricks.

Jan 20

Matt Hendricks vs Derek Joslin

Not many punches landed by I give the edge to Hendricks in this one.

Jan 18

Matt Hendricks vs Rene Bourque

Rene Bourque knew this was coming, he was the player that delivered the cheap elbow to Nicklas Backstrom. Bourque had a visor on which made this an unfair battle for Hendricks. Win Bourque.

Jan 11

Craig Adams vs Matt Hendricks plus extras

Matt Hendricks won this fight.  After the fight video I will post another play of Craig Adams that forever proved the officiating bias of the Capitals versus Penguins rivalry.  Check both of them out. Yes, Craig Adams did board Ovechkin and did not get a penalty for it. In fact Mike Knuble got an extra …

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Jan 10

Matt Hendricks vs Colin Fraser

Hendricks one this one.

Dec 30

2011-2012 Washington Capitals Player Profile: Matt Hendricks

There are certain prototypes of hockey players that are important to every good team: sniper, playmaker, and grinder. A very underrated prototype is the enforcer- the guy who won’t back down from a fight and who is not afraid to get into a fight, whether it’s to send a message to the other team or …

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Dec 19

Matt Hendricks versus Cody McLeod

Hendricks lost this one.  

Dec 12

Jake Dowell vs Matt Hendricks

I give a slight edge to Matt Hendricks on this one. One of the better fights from Hendricks.

Dec 07

Matt Beleskey vs Matt Hendricks

Not much really to see here but a hockey fight is still a hockey fight.