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Mar 19

ARROW – "Broken Dolls" Discussion

If there were any true problems to ARROW’s third episode of the second season, “Broken Dolls”, they were simply styles of execution that could’ve seized potential opportunities, but didn’t. In terms of what the episode accomplished, it did quite a lot. While the antagonist of the episode could easily clock this episode as the first …

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Jan 31

ARROW – "Identities" Discussion

“What’s the identity of this season?” That question circled my head after viewing the latest entry (Episode 2) from ARROW’s second season, “Identities”. The episode was able to immediately pick up from where “City of Heroes” left off, but wasn’t as spectacular as the season opener. Despite that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode, and …

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Jan 21

ARROW – "City of Heroes" Discussion

After much anticipation (at least from me), ARROW is back in full-swing for its season 2 opener, “City of Heroes”. When trying to find a continuing point from such an extraordinary finale, television shows can either triumph or fall when moving forward. Luckily, ARROW strikes the bulls-eye, as “City of Heroes” not only triumphs, but …

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Jun 14

ARROW- "Lone Gunmen" Discussion

While still not living up to the pilot, the story arc of ARROW does continue to expand in its third episode, “Lone Gunmen.” With solid story points, solid action, and even a few surprises, it’s a solid episode that keeps the viewer constantly attentive.

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Jul 15

New Maryland Sports Blog goodies

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have ordered some new goodies for all you readers and supporters. I have reordered some more bumper stickers and pens. The pens went faster than I expected, we ran out of them within two weeks. New to the Maryland sports blog goodies will be …

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Nov 23

Between the Hashes- Week 12 Edition

It’s my favorite time of the year. Football and food. Food and football. Eating massive amounts of food and then sitting down to watch nearly 12 hours of football. Thanksgiving Day Games There seems to be a renewed interest in the Detroit area about the Lions Thanksgiving Day game with their improved play this season. The 10-0 …

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