I Like Our Guys

wpid-img_20140916_221229.jpgSeveral months ago I was afforded the opportunity to join the Maryland Sports Blog team. Living over a thousand miles from Baltimore, I was uncertain what I could contribute but was excited for the chance to write about the Orioles. I began following the site, reading the work of the other writers as they covered my favorite team and quickly found my help was definitely not needed. Read more about I Like Our Guys

Goodbye Mr. Davis; Sweeping the Bosox

Nice to wake up today to see that the Orioles lost Chris Davis for the season. Yes that’s sarcasm. Sure, he’s been a flop for most of the year, but his homers certainly have been effective. What else could go wrong for this team that is running away with the AL East? First we lost switch-hitting catcher, Matt Wieters. Next, the wonderful Manny Machado and now Davis. That’s a lot of punch out of the team.
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