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Jul 08

Watch: Manny Machado's must see play

This play has been talked about all over the place. Truly incredible, Manny Machado threw the ball from an awkward position all the way from foul territory to first base without even a hop. Great job Machado. Your browser does not support iframes.

Oct 21

Ravens report card week 7: The defense

Defensive line: The defensive line was much improved with Terrell Suggs returning.  They did not let Arian Foster break 100 yards which is an improvement from the last two games.  The defensive line still needed to pressure the quarterback more.  Grade C Linebackers: This unit needs to get better at tackling.  Two many ball carriers …

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Sep 18

Ravens report card week two: the defense

Defensive line– The defensive line did a good job pressuring Mike Vick and containing the run game.  The defensive line was missing Paul Kruger but still had two sacks of Vick, one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league.  The line also held a good job containing LeSean McCoy, holding him to an average …

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Aug 21

Ravens defense montage

Enjoy this awesome video!!!!

Sep 20

Post-Game Thoughts on Week Two: Ravens @ Bengals

If you are as big of a Ravens fan as I am, then Sunday’s game frustrated you to no end.  I’m going to highlight some things that people are talking about and some things that people SHOULD be talking about. Hot Topic: Joe Flacco He is the biggest point of conversation when Sunday’s game is brought …

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Jun 30

Benson could be helping the Ravens

Yet another high profile NFL star got in trouble this offseason, this time it was Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson. I will not go into the details of his arrest, but needless to say it looks like he will be suspended for at least a few games. It just so happens that the Baltimore …

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