Redskin Player Profiles: DeAngelo Hall

399px-Deangelo_Hall_redskins_training_camp_2009DeAngelo Hall was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons out of Virginia Tech with the eight overall pick of the 2004 NFL draft. He played with the Falcons from 2004-2007 before signing with the Raiders in 2008, after which he signed with his current team the Washington Redskins.

Hall has an impressive resume including being a three time Pro Bowler and the MVP of the 2010 Pro Bowl. Hall also has a knack few others do, to perform the best against the best. Hall has played shut down defense on the likes of: Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and don’t mention D-Hall’s name to Payton Manning.

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The last game of a lost season

490px-Kirk_cousins_redskinsI have the Redskins roster and here are the players I would keep for next year. It’s in alphabetical order so bear with me.
David Amerson: The NC State rookie is actually pretty good.
Barry Cofield: He’s a 300 pounder ffrom Northwestern so he should be smart enough to lose a few pounds.
Kirk Cousins: Didn’t look like the world beater from the week before but he’s still pretty good.
Fred Davis: Stay healthy pal, won’t you?
Reed Doughty: He’s really not that bad as a safety.
Kai Forbath: I know he’s scored very few points but that’s because we stink.
Pierre Garcon: He’s had a record-setting campaign and although he’s no Art Monk, he’s still pretty good.

Robert Griffin III: Great athlete. Could we play him somewhere else?

DeAngelo Hall: Actually a good story as we thought he was done. He’s done quite well if he wants to come back.
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