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Jul 30

Can Alfred Morris stay productive?

The Washington Redskins have relied on their running backs for many years. In 2012 the Redskins selected Alfred Morris in the sixth round. In his first two seasons Morris had over 1,000 yards in each season and 20 total touchdowns in his career. The last two years Morris has the second most rushing yards only …

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Apr 21

Redskins Draft Analysis: Defense

The Washington Redskins now boast one of the most dangerous offenses in football. The Redskins have a core of young talented players on this side of the ball all under thirty, including RGIII, Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Andre Roberts, Jordan Reed, and Trent Williams.

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Apr 18

Why RGIII will be better than ever in 2014

RGIII has emerged as the Redskins offensive and team leader this offseason. With a new coach in town Washington can hit the reset button after last year’s abysmal season. Griffin has set the tone for players this offseason, and that message has been clear from Griffin. After safety Ryan Clark signed with the team Griffin …

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Apr 14

Redskins Draft Profiles: Charles Sims

The Redskins have their workhorse running back in Alfred Morris. However, the depth chart after Morris is a bit of a mystery at this point.   With a new coaching staff in town, Alfred Morris should be the only back on Washington’s roster that feels good about his job security. Jay Gruden has a history …

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Jan 09

Here I was thinking it was Jon Gruden

So a new head coach has come to town. It’s the TV guy, Jon Gruden right? No it’s his brother, Jay. Hey close enough. The real head coach, Jay Gruden, guided the Bengals offense to the playoffs as offensive coordinator. Wait, isn’t that the offense of accident-prone Andy Dalton? Accidents in this case are interceptions. …

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Dec 27

The last game of a lost season

I have the Redskins roster and here are the players I would keep for next year. It’s in alphabetical order so bear with me. David Amerson: The NC State rookie is actually pretty good. Barry Cofield: He’s a 300 pounder ffrom Northwestern so he should be smart enough to lose a few pounds. Kirk Cousins: …

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Dec 06

Now that we are clinched out; what's left?

There was no screaming and yelling this time. Sure, the Skins blew a 14-0 lead to the NY Giants last Sunday night. But RG III was on some sort of a record pace early throwing the ball around plus he ran the ball so well. And look who showed up. Fred Davis. Remember him? There …

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Nov 10

3-6? That's the same record we had last year

No panic right. Got those other teams right where the Skins want them. Washington went 3-6 in RG III’s first season and still made the playoffs. So no problem. The offense is getting better every week and the defense still has DeAngelo Hall. Phooey to that. What a terrible loss last Thursday in Minnesota. I’d …

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Nov 05

What a goal line stand that was

This Skins team will drive you to drink. Who blows a 24-14 lead with three minutes to play in a game? Not a good game to watch if you have blood pressure problems. And who invented those useless prevent defenses. All they do is prevent you from winning. Anyway, the Skins lead has vanished and …

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Oct 31

Guaranteed win when San Diego comes to town

Do I dare say it out loud that the Skins will step up and hammer the visiting Chargers when San Diego comes to town come Sunday afternoon. Of course this comes with confidence after that performance in Denver. No one (in their right mind) gave the Skins a chance when they crossed into Colorado last …

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