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Smackdown Live Recap 7/24/18

As WWE SmackDown Live opens tonight with a limousine pulling up to the building. The WWE SmackDown Live Universe waits in suspense. Seems like this could be the McMahon family, but out steps The Miz,...


Smackdown Live Recap 7/17/18

This week’s Smackdown Live opens with Jeff Hardy on an open mic. Hardy calls himself broken but plans to make Nakamura obsolete and take back his US Championship. Nakamura calls Hardy a sad clown who...


Smackdown Live Recap

Smackdown is live from Omaha NE this week and Renee Young is already in the ring. She welcomes her guests Team Hell No. She calls last weeks reunion of Daniel Brian and Kane “The hug...


SmackDown Live Recap

SmackDown Live opens up in Ontario California and the Miz is already in the ring. Miz TV begins when Miz brings out the Bludgeon Brothers who come out and stand face to face with the...


WWE SmackDown Live Recap

WrestleMania is over but the surprises keep coming. On Raw as saw NXT call-ups, wrestlers making their return from injury, and even a retirement. SmackDown Live followed Raw last night and it did not disappoint. From...

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