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Jul 27

Capitals Player Profile: Aaron Volpatti

The 29 year old left-winger was signed by the Capitals during free agency in 2012. He was then resigned by the Caps in 2013 to a two year contract that will pay him $575,000 a season. He will become an unrestricted free agent next July if he is not resigned. Volpatti, a native of Revelstoke, …

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Jan 15

Mike Brown vs Aaron Volpatti

I am starting to really love seeing Aaron Volpatti. Volpatti and whoever he faces… in this case Mike Brown throw early and often and have no defense. This fight is actually tough to judge because at first glance Brown wins it easily but Brown was bleeding bad. Brown had a huge cut on his nose. …

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Dec 20

Aaron Volpatti vs Adam Hall

Aaron Volpatti sure does know how to put on a show when it comes to fights. Adam Hall and Volpatti throw down and have a very good fight. Both fighters got shots in and Volpatti got the take down. Win: Draw

Nov 29

Colin Greening vs Aaron Volpatti

This was a pretty great fight right here, two middle weights going at it and connecting on some big punches.  Colin Greening goes after Aaron Volpatti but that does not mean Volpatti was not ready.  Volpatti is a really good fighter and more than held his own after the challenge.  Volpatti looked to get more …

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Nov 10

Aaron Volpatti vs Kyle Chipchura

This was a very good fight, Aaron Volpatti and Kyle Chipchura decided to go at the draw, I guess they did not like that they shared number 24.  Volpatti came up swinging and got some good blows in and landed the most hits.  Chipchura made a comeback and got a take down but none of …

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Nov 04

Aaron Volpatti vs Steve Downie

These two guys love to talk and they talked with their fist this time. Aaron Volpatti and Steve Downie square off and at first Downie has the upper hand but Volpatti gets a clean hit in and cuts Downie. Win: Downie

Oct 03

Adam Hall vs Aaron Volpatti

Nice little fight here, Aaron Volpatti defiantly got the better hits in. It started with a hug fest and then Volpatti unleashed a furry of punches. Adam Hall got the take down but Volpatti got the win. Win: Volpatti

Sep 24

Aaron Volpatti versus Kevan Miller

This was awesome!! I have never seen this before the two players agreed to take their helmets off of each other before they fault. Both players got some jabs in but Aaron Volpatti got the win in this fight with a rapid fire punch attack.  You can see the damage to Miller after the fight. …

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