Super Bowl LII – Preview

Super Bowl 52 – It’s that time of year folks, where companies shell out millions of dollars for a 30 second commercial spot and some people care more about those. But for us sports inclined folk, we are about to watch a Super Bowl rematch from 13 years ago where the QB for the Eagles at that time was Donovan McNabb. Not much has changed for the Patriots, besides switching automatic kickers, Vinatieri for Gostkowski, and a new cast of role players. But arguably the best Head Coach/QB duo in history in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady has and continues to stand the test of time.

The Eagles on the other hand are the consummate underdog, as evidenced by the German Shepherd mask donned by several players on the Eagles after their wins against the Falcons and Vikings. That defense is suffocating, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham are absolute monsters off the ball and rookie end Derek Barnett is no slouch either. But the spotlight rests on the biggest enigma on the Eagles roster, Nick Foles. After taking over for Carson Wentz in week 14, he has been one of the most efficient QBs in recent history, matched only by, you guessed it, Tom Brady in that span.

But if I recall correctly, Tom Brady usurped the job from his predecessor, Drew Bledsoe, and went on to win a Super Bowl that same year against The Greatest Show On Turf led by Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. I’m not saying that Nick Foles’ career will follow the same unique path, but damn, Nick Foles has the chance to “Tom Brady” Tom Brady.

Eagles win a tightly contested game and hand Brady and the Pats their 3rd Super Bowl loss to an NFC East team.


Score: 21-17 PHI

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Vasilios Nikolaou

Vasilios is a writer for the MarylandSportsBlog, as well as a writer for Charm City Bird Watch and writer/photographer for LegacyMaker Sports Network. He is a Sports Intern at local Baltimore television station WBAL TV-11.

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