Strangest Football Sunday

I am a long time die hard Ravens fan and I must say yesterday’s 20-0 shutout win vs the Bengals was the strangest experience for me. As any Ravens fan would know over the past few years, we never make a game easy on ourselves. Especially games played within the division. Besides the 38-6 blowout last season and the 55-20 massacre against the Raiders in 2012, I can’t think of a game off the top of my head that was decided by more than 1 possession win or loss. Usually, our games come with a mini heart attack and a loss of voice. But yesterday was just different.

The defense played lights out. The defensive line was getting pressure on what felt like every pass play, clearly Terrell SuggsĀ  didn’t get the memo that he’s supposed to be “old”. The secondary was phenomenal, this might be the best secondary the Ravens have had in franchise history. I knew what Jimmy Smith can do when he’s healthy but Brandon Carr held his side down and Marlon Humphrey played a solid game at the nickel. Then the sure tackling of Tony Jefferson combined with the ability of Eric Weddle to keep the play in front of him, gave me all the confidence I need in saying we will finish with the # 1 defense passing and run defense. I try to stay away from this word but the only way to describe yesterday’s defensive performance is PERFECT. Secretly, I was waiting for the top to come off on our secondary, then when AJ Green finally got open for a 27 yard gain at the beginning of the 4th quarter I thought “Here we go again.” But after that big play, the defense only gave up 1 yard the rest of the drive and forced a punt. It was my first stress free Sunday in years, the only thing that could have made it better is if the Browns would have upset the Steelers but I wont ask for too much. A 20-0 division win to open the season is just enough for me. Next week is the home opener against another division opponent, the Cleveland Browns. Hopefully this stress energy can continue. #RavensFlock

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