Stephenson signed, now Capitals have cap problems

Forward Chandler Stephenson has been awarded a contract through arbitration late Friday Night, a 1 year, 1.25 million deal, making him a UFA next season.

The deal would be a cap friendly hit if the Capitals had room to spare, but unfortunately they do not.

The Capitals are at $82.8 million. The Limit is $81.5 million, so right now the Caps are $1.3 million over.

First off, going over the salary cap is not an instant alarm. They have until the first day of the regular season (October 2) to get below the cap limit.

Trades could happen (both deals are easy cap hits). Washington has 14 forwards right now, and teams could need a forward during training camps because of injuries. They also have 9D in the pipeline in Hershey that could be bundled for cap relief.

Also, Boyd and Chandler could go to Hershey for less money, which I can tell you Bears fan would gladly welcome either men back home to Cocoa City.

For now, let’s just try and enjoy our summer and the longest with no hockey during the calendar year.

We will be talking training camps soon enough, but for now check out some Ravens TC articles and “Keep your stick on the Ice.”

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