Stay in your lane David Ross

File:David Ross on July 26, 2013.jpgThe Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox have had a heated rivalry over the years.  This season David Ross seems to be trying to make himself the Orioles number one public enemy.   If you do not know who Ross is, let me inform you.

Ross to me is a career backup catcher, he has 88 career home runs and a .237 batting average.  Ross has experience having played in over 10 seasons but has never been a number one guy.  Maybe all the years of being a below average player have gotten to him.


In the first series against the Orioles, Ross mouthed off at Nelson Cruz.  Ross said that he felt like the Red Sox were beaten by a cheater.

Saturday, Ross yelled at Bud Norris for a pitch that was inside.  The Red Sox had already hit Chris Davis in that game.  Matt Wieters had to get into Ross’ face and a fight nearly broke out.   The pitch that Norris threw was a breaking ball and those can get away, Ross should know that because he is a catcherbut again he is a backup for a reason.

The injustice that happened in the situation is that the Orioles got a warning and the only player hit was Davis.  That is not a surprise, MLB and their umpires have had a long last tradition of siding with the Red Sox.

Ross really needs to stay in his lane, what is he trying to prove?  Players do not get more playing time for having big mouths and causing fights.  The Orioles and Red Sox have enough beef, they do not need a backup catcher adding fuel to the fire.

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2 Responses

  1. Verne says:

    Ross is showing his insecurities. Ross is 37 years old and as such should expect to be a back up if not retired. But the Red Sox brought in 38 year old AJ Pierzynski to be the regular catcher. Clearly that shows what Boston thinks of Ross. AJ is known to be a pain, apparently Ross is following his lead. Pathetic really.

  1. July 6, 2014

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