Stanley Cup preview: Capitals vs Knights

The Washington Capitals led by Alex Ovechkin, and the first year Las Vegas Golden Knights led by Marc-Andre Fleury are set to face off in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Caps have had a more bumpy road to the cup than the Knights. The Caps had seven losses in the playoffs compared to the Knights three. The 12-7 Capitals struggled against a good Tampa Bay team. Losing three games in the middle of the series worried all the fans, coaches and players. Luckily, Braden Holtby was able to save the series with two shutout performances in games six and seven.

Las Vegas has been dominant this playoff run having a record of 12-3. Playing fast has payed off for the Golden Knights. Marc-Andre Fleury has been playing in some opinions, the best hockey of his career. Fleury has a save percentage of 94.7%. Braden Holtby’s save percentage is 92.4%. Considering both goaltenders have a high save percentage, this series will most likely be a defensive series. The Capitals defense can not go into a drought against Las Vegas or they will put the series away. Washington’s performance in the middle games of the Lightning series, will not give them a Stanley Cup.

Washington’s offense has not been shutout the entire post-season. The only game this post-season, the Caps did not put up at least two goals was game two against Pittsburgh. Although at times their defense has struggled throughout the playoffs, the offense has been rolling the entire way through. To come away with the 2018 Stanley cup, the Defense will have to stand strong against a fast Vegas offense. The offense will have to find ways to get the puck into the back of the net against a stellar goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury. If the Washington Capitals can play fast and physical with the Golden Knights throughout the Stanley Cup Finals, they will have a good shot at binging the Cup back to Washington.

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