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logo-express-imprintThe weather is getting warmer and it is getting harder to keep your drinks cold, weather it is non alcoholic or alcoholic.  As the summer approaches I would suggest checking out expressimprint.com which has tons of different Koozies that you can customize and make your own.  Express Imprint has Koozies for cans and Koozies for bottles and they come in all sorts of different colors.

The Baltimore Orioles do let you bring in Koozies so the game would be a great place to use them.  I have been to Orioles games when the temperature has reached above 100 degrees and even my water got warm in minutes, having a Koozie would have come in handy.  If you are taking a Koozie to an Orioles game I would suggest getting an Orange one and putting cool text on it like “You Name is the Number One Orioles Fan” so you will be able to show it off to everyone.

Also, the Orioles games do get crowed especially right outside Pickles Pub and people tend to bump into each other and sometimes dropping their drinks.  The Koozies provide better grip and can be attached onto your belt making it less likely that you drop your drink.

The Koozies also make good gifts and with Fathers Day and Mothers Day approaching what better gift could you get than a customized Koozie.

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