Smackdown Live Recap 8/7/18

Live from Orlando, FL. Tom Phillips brings us into Smackdown Live. The Viper, Randy Orton tells the Smackdown Live crowd he vows to destroy every superstar that the WWE Universe puts on a pedestal. Orton vows to be more violent each time. After Orton demands the respect of the WWE Universe and the locker room. The mic is dropped after Orton tells everyone to respect RKO.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs The Iconics

As the match is about to begin we see Carmella ringside at the announcers table to watch this match up close. After the Iconics verbally abuse Becky and Charlotte, the two members of the WWE four horsewomen look to punish the duo. Shortly after commercial break both teams get fresh tags to bring in Becky and Payton Royce. While Becky locks in the disarmer Billie Kay kicks Becky to break the hold. Meanwhile Charlotte is able to tag herself in and submits Payton with the figure eight. In the end Carmella climbs on top of the announce table while facing off with Charlotte and Becky.

As we move forward AJ Styles returns to Smackdown Live. After Styles talks about the sacrifices he has made, Samoa Joe is shown watching on a tv in the back. Styles explains how mad he is at Joe. Both men came up through the ranks together. Angered, Styles promises Joe won’t be able to walk out of Summerslam and Styles finishes up Joe is seen backstage sporting a nasty shiner and laughing.

Zelina Vega vs Lana

As soon as the bell rings Lana drives Vega into the corner. Maybe its just me, but these two are Turing it up a notch from last week. Again Almas distracts Lana. However this week Rusev has his wife’s back and clotheslines Almas. Seeing this Vega kicks Rusev in the back of his head. As Almas attacks, Aiden English rushes out. English delivers a massive spear to Almas, but again bumps Lana and Vega lands the double knees for the win.

The Miz belittles Daniel Bryan by calling him a second rate superstar. Of course all of this is being said from the safety of the set of Miz and Mrs. Also Miz has two security guards with him. Suddenly Daniel Bryan attacks while taking out security and Miz. Distracted Miz uses a glass potted plant to hit Daniel in the back of the head and then runs away. Good ole JR would say “Like a scalded dog!”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rtruth

The king of strong style starts out very strong. Several knees and kicks into the corner. Truth avoids a clothesline and starts his own offense. Although it was a short showing from Rtuth. We get to see a good match topped off with a kinsasha knee strike.

Bludgeon Brothers vs 3SK

If I were to sum up this squash match it would be by saying it was shorter than you’re snapchat story… Bludgeon Bros dominate.

The Bar vs New Day

Both Cesaro and Kofi show incredible agility in the first few minutes. Sheamus tags in and manhandles Kofi. Thrown to the outside Sheamus continues the beat down. Isolating Kofi from Big E, Cesaro tags back in. As Cesaro charges Kofi ducks Cesaro and Sheamus giving the hot tag to Big E. Attempting a splash on the edge of the mat Cesaro escapes. Sheamus is now the legal man and gets a 2 count near fall. As both teams pull out all stops, Cesaro uses a supple on Big E followed by a knee drop from Sheamus. The pace quickens as the bar lands white noise, but Kofi makes the save. Amazingly Big E is able to pick up Cesaro out of a crossface and Kofi lands the midnight hour for the win.

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